Welcome to my Gallery. I've been collecting cels since the late 90's and it has been a hobby I really enjoy. My collection is broad but I try to focus on shows I've seen though it does not always go as planned. I have a lot to scan still so updates will be on going. Please feel free to look around.

News & Updates

8/4/2018Update time finally. Countdown,Magical Twilight,Labyrinth of Flames,Devil Hunter Yohko,Cutey Honey,Burn Up W, and Midnight Panther. More to come soon.
11/3/2017Time for another update ladies and gents. Here's Nadesico The Motion Picture- Prince of Darkness,Blackjack,Batman Animated, and Ikki Tousen
9/13/2017Added Plastic Little,Midnight Panther,and Dragonball
9/10/2017Time for another update. Maison Ikkoku,Ranma,Black Jack and Kimagure Orange Road.

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Title Last Updated
3x3 Eyes 6/25/2017
Adventures of Kotetsu 12/9/2018
Agent Aika 4/18/2015
Angel Blade 12/20/2016
Bakuretsu Hunter 4/19/2015
Batman The Animated Series 11/3/2017
Birdy the Mighty 6/10/2015
Blackjack 11/3/2017
Blue Seed 3/14/2019
Bubblegum Crisis 12/21/2016
Burn Up W 8/3/2018
Clamp in Wonderland 4/19/2015
Countdown 7/30/2018
Cowboy Bebop 4/18/2015
Cutey Honey 3/10/2019
Darkstalkers 12/9/2018
Devil Hunter Yohko 7/30/2018
Dragon Pink 12/24/2016
Dragonball 9/13/2017
El Hazard 3/19/2019
Fan cels 5/10/2015
Fatal Fury 1/4/2017
Flame of Recca 4/25/2015
Giant Robo 12/21/2016
Gundam X 3/14/2019
Hyper Police 12/25/2018
Ikki Tousen 11/3/2017
Iria 4/18/2015
Kimagure Orange Road 9/10/2017
La Blue Girl 3/19/2019
Labyrinth of Flames 7/30/2018
Legend of Lemnear 6/26/2017
Lupin the Third 12/23/2016
Macross 7 12/25/2018
Macross Plus 1/4/2017
Macross: DYRL 1/4/2017
Magic Knight Rayearth 12/9/2018
Magical Twilight 8/4/2018
Maison Ikkoku 9/10/2017
Marin a Go Go 4/19/2015
Martian Successor Nadesico 4/19/2015
Martian Successor Nadesico The Motion Picture- Prince of Darkness 11/3/2017
Mezzo Forte 5/23/2015
Midnight Panther 3/12/2019
Nadia 3/22/2019
New Angel 9/15/2017
Outlaw Star 6/26/2017
Photon 4/25/2015
Plastic Little 9/13/2017
Puppet Princess 6/25/2017
Queens Blade 5/19/2015
Rage of Bahamut Genesis 5/30/2015
Ranma 1/2 9/10/2017
Saber Marionette J 12/23/2016
Sakura Diaries 3/12/2019
Samurai Shodown 5/23/2015
School Rumble 4/19/2015
Slayers 6/10/2015
Street Fighter 12/24/2016
Tenchi Muyo OVA 3/22/2019
The Incredible Hulk and the She-Hulk 5/13/2015
Tokio Private Police 5/5/2015
Urotsukidoji: Overfiend 3/8/2019
Urusei Yatsura 3/22/2019
Vampire Hunter D 12/19/2016
Video Girl Ai 3/12/2019
Words Worth 3/10/2019
X-men The Animated Series 5/13/2015

Curator: Migkun
Gallery Created: 4/17/2015
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